Design Process

The Seventeen Steps from Imagination to Installation

If involved before the actual design begins Procraft can review plans and make suggestions that often enhance the golf shop operations, merchandising capabilities and overall performance. With Procraft’s staff having over 100 years of experience, this is the biggest missed opportunity for our client.
Imagination to Installation


  • Consult with team members to understand goals and special needs

  • Complete an inventory analysis of all merchandise to be displayed

  • Gather material specifications: wood species, finishes, hardware, molding profiles etc, to create desired ambience of the shop

  • Identify special needs and unique issues

  • Produce schematic plan illustrating the required elements which are reviewed and revised with client resulting in the final layout and design

  • Prepare a comprehensive budget estimate for the project

  • Issue final design plan that includes floor plan, elevations, typical cabinet sections, electrical plan, and fixture index

  • Client presents the plan to all key people involved in the project; based on the budget, works with Procraft to maximize value for the money spent.


  • Issue manufacturing contract for approval

  • Schedule project for manufacturing

  • Conduct field measurements to ensure all dimensions are verified

  • Manufacture furniture and fixtures


  • Schedule shipping

  • Prepare product for shipping

  • Install shop

  • Familiarize shop staff with how best to utilize furniture and fixtures

  • Conduct a final review and resolve any open issues prior to departure

Benefits of Design Process

Procraft’s expertise in using this process is the result of many years of accumulated experiences with customers all over the world. Among the many considerations we integrate into the process are:
  • Developing a merchandising strategy
  • Considering customer demographics
  • Maximizing space utilization
  • Designing optimal patterns for traffic flow
  • Planning for operational efficiency
  • Positioning fixtures to best display merchandise
  • Analyzing and coordinating lighting requirements
  • Providing for efficient inventory control
  • Positioning furniture for easy monitoring of outside views
  • Designing counter sizes and structure for operational ease
  • Incorporating overall design with existing architecture and décor

From the inception of our engagement the focus of our mission is to create a “value based” design that provides the highest levels of quality for each dollar invested. Our unique design process developed from years of experience is tailored to each client’s requirements so that their shop has high levels of operational efficiency and showcases merchandise in a way that maximizes sales in a memorable and enjoyable space for members and their guests.

Mike Sieverson Mike Sieverson
President and Founder