Procraft has been designing and building the finest golf and tennis shops in the world for over 30 years. Our years of experience are the difference between designing a shop and transforming a space into a centerpiece that becomes the unified design of the entire clubhouse. Our goal is to take you from “imagination to installation.”

Mike Sieverson Mike Sieverson
President and Founder

When developing your shop, trust only the best.  Procraft’s staff demonstrated the proven ability to understand our unique requirements and identify the opportunities presented in both Oakmont Country Club and Seminole Golf Club.  Procraft’s talented staff created a highly functional shop that complements our club as a whole and raises the standard of our entire golf operation and experience.  I would recommend Procraft to anyone seeking to develop a successful and attractive golf shop.

Bob Ford Bob Ford
Head Golf Professional, Seminole Golf Club, Juno Beach, FL


Delivering great design and premier craftsmanship to build shops of unforgettable character and style that creates superb value.

Why Procraft

Our Approach

Our approach centers on seven key elements from design and innovation to installation and creating value. While we emphasize innovative and creative solutions we offer solutions that meet operational needs while remaining within budget constraints.


Our Projects

We have completed over 1800 golf and tennis shops as well as other related millwork projects throughout North America, Mexico, the Caribbean the United Kingdom, Korea and Japan. Many of our projects have been at some of the leading clubs in the world.


Our Testimonials

Procraft has testimonials from many, many people in the industry who have first-hand experience with our work. These testimonials are from both golf professionals and general managers and owners. Some of the more well known testimonials are those of Jack Nicklaus and Bob Ford.


Our Design Process

Our staff has over 100 years of experience in the business. They approach each engagement starting with a comprehensive review of the project with the goal of meeting the requirements and challenges with solutions that reflect the goals of the clients in a way that will maximize the value of their investment. The process moves through three phases: design, fabrication and installation.


Our Results

Over many years we have found that our custom designs, superior craftsmanship and skilled installation and support have created higher levels of operational efficiency, improved merchandising and increased sales. These factors along with highly satisfied customers and members have been the hallmark of our success and the reason why so many people in the golf industry have come to trust our performance and respect our professional integrity.