Our Approach

There are seven critical functions that distinguish the way Procraft builds a shop and makes that shop unique for a client. These factors are based on a combination of experience  and knowledge that is essential to even the simplest design-but it is Procraft’s creativity that sets us apart from anyone else in the business.
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Our commitment to your shop begins when we join your team and develop a comprehensive understanding of your unique goals and objectives. Every project is a custom design with the highest standards that focus on your specific needs and challenges. The results are a physical space that meets and most often exceeds our customer's expectations.

We approach each new project regardless of its scope with our knowledge and experience in planning and detailing so that project surmounts whatever challenges it my present. We think “out of the box” in designing every project. Our goal is to develop innovative, creative and economical solutions that meet the budget and the needs of the customer.

We believe planning is the essential element of success in designing and building a shop so that it meets budget and serves the customer’s needs.
From the outset we identify opportunities and develop options that optimize your shops space while minimizing cost.

Over the years we have worked with designers, architects and contractors in a collaborative way in designing some of the most beautiful golf shops in the world. Partnering creates a shared vision of the project and cultivates a problem-solving attitude from the inception of the project. This approach invariably produces the best result for the customer.

Through experience, skill and technology, we provide the finest millwork in the industry under the leadership of our founder Mike Sieverson. The quality of our woodworking begins by setting high standards for the durability of the materials we use that extends to the precise joinery by experienced craftsman. Beauty is of essential importance in the way our wood is meticulously hand-sanded and hand finished so that the highest levels of craftsmanship are reflected in the finished product. You can be confident your shop will maintain its luster and appeal for many years.

We make certain the project always remains on schedule and on budget, but our job is not finished when your shop arrives. Unique to the industry, Procraft personally installs your entire shop using skilled craftsman who have years of experience in the industry. We ensure that the craftsmanship that goes into creating each piece is carried through to the final installation. And we guarantee that you will be completely satisfied with every aspect of the project before we leave your site.

Our goal as the industry leader is to ensure that your shop does not only add economic value to your operation but also ensures that the spirit of the game itself is reflected in everything we create. Our values of integrity, honesty and respect are the framework of our business and will hopefully be recognized by your members and their guests as they enjoy the amenities of the shop. These core values are more than just delivering the shop on time and on budget. They translate into a more enjoyable experience for the customer as well as increased levels of operational efficiency and sales which result in higher levels of profitability. The entire process allows the customer to see the value for the money spent.