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Corporate History

Mike Sieverson founded Procraft in 1985. Being a skilled craftsman in woodworking , a PGA professional and previously a successful salesman for the Ben Hogan Company where he developed a network of contacts throughout the golfing industry, it was a natural combination of these attributes that motivated him to enter this business.

His first shop was Sun Lakes in Banning, CA. As word spread about his expertise, Procraft quickly expanded with the first major shop being Aronimink Golf Club in Newtown Square, PA. More major projects soon followed: Grayhawk Golf Club in Scottsdale, AZ; Medalist Golf Club in Hobe Sound, FL; Brae Burn Country Club in West Newtown, MA; Pinehurst in NC among others. These type of projects gave Procraft a national reputation. During these early years the company built a brand name that was known for innovative designs, superb craftsmanship and high integrity. It is that original foundation of expertise , service and trust upon which the company was built that endures to this day.

Throughout the 1990s as the golf business surged on a wave of new found popularity, Procraft grew to the point it was acknowledged to be the leader in the industry. In 2000 John Morse, a wealthy industrialist, was building a company of diversified services that focused on the golf business. With the understanding that Mike would continue to operate the company, Mike sold Procraft to John Morse at Heritage Creations-with the company adopting the new name of Heritage Creations. This new arrangement permitted Mike to concentrate on sales and production while the scope of Morse’s company allowed Procraft to grow even faster by providing an expanded number of product offerings.

Over a period of time Mike thought the company was losing the passion and commitment to excellence that the company had when he was an independent operator. So in 2006 Mike bought the company back from Heritage Creations and renamed it Procraft Heritage Creations maintaining in part the name Heritage Creations that had become well established in the intervening years.

Now, after more than 30 years in business, Procraft has built over 1800 golf shops, tennis shops, and clubhouse millwork throughout the world from the United Kingdom to Korea and Japan as well as in almost every state in the USA. Many of the same people who were involved in the company in the last twenty years and longer are still part of the Procraft family; and many of the clubs whose shops that Procraft designed and built years ago have returned to the company when it was time to remodel their facility. This loyalty and respect are a tribute to the quality of Procraft’s work and business ethics that have been the company’s hallmark for many, many years.

Procraft’s Core Values

Procraft's Core Values

Our commitment to your shop begins when we join your team and develop a comprehensive understanding of your unique goals and objectives. Every project is a custom design with the highest quality standards that focus on your specific needs and challenges. The results are a physical space that meets and most often exceeds our customer’s expectations.

Placing the interest of the customer as the highest priority and the ultimate goal of each and every project from inception though completion is our foremost goal.

Adding value to every dollar spent while maintaining the highest standards though superior project management from design to installation is our most important task in allowing the customer to achieve the highest value for his investment.

Maintaining the goal of unparalleled personalized service to every customer and responding in a timely manner to every concern no matter how small the issue is essential for us to produce the best results for the customer.

Keeping open lines of communication so that issues can be resolved honestly and promptly whether they involve logistics, budgets or aesthetics concerns is of vital importance if we are to provide the customer the full satisfaction their time and money deserve.

Allowing unbounded flexibility throughout the project so as to accommodate changes and new initiatives that will produce a better outcome and service for the customer is a mental state of mind that we have at all times.

Setting the highest standards in the industry for ourselves in terms of design, quality, customer service, craftsmanship, and business practices are those items we strive to maintain and improve upon with each new project we undertake so that we can provide the highest levels of excellence for our customers.